A native of small-town Texas, I attended U.T. in Austin and earned two degrees (in film and English) amid the distractions of a famously vibrant cultural scene. Upon graduation, I did the logical thing for someone with my credentials: I opened a record store.

I ran the store long enough to amass an embarrassingly large music collection, then spent a while running a small but critically praised archival record label. In my spare time I freelanced in graphic design, database programming, and the sort of troubleshooting that would have paid much better had I called myself a "consultant."

One day a college friend asked me to write a few movie reviews for an alt-weekly while his regular critic was on vacation. Within a few weeks I was writing more words for the paper than its full-time staffers; by fall, writing was my sole means of support.

Since then I've been a regular contributor to the Washington Post, the Hollywood Reporter, the Austin American-Statesman and San Antonio Current. My work has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Slate, Blender and Giant magazines, and The Texas Observer; I've done brief stints as an editor as well. Although my friends overestimate the cushiness of getting paid to travel, watch movies and listen to records, writing about culture is my dream job.



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